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Sudden pain or problems to move, stand or lay down, just started the last few days

Treatment Advice: book a Palliative Care Package after your First Visit!

Start Acupuncture & Homeopathy & Chinese herbs (for pulse quality) IMMEDIATELY every 2 to 3 days for nerve regeration & pain relief.

Chronic spine & bone problems (DJD, Hip Dysplasia, IVDD) – recurring or progressing weakness, imbalance & immobility

Treatment Advice: Take the 5 Acupuncture Treatment Package after your First Visit and book, on average, one weekly acupuncture session.

Within 8 weeks expect a marked improvement in your pet’s life quality. If you don’t see that, ask yourself – did you follow through with Dr Susanna’s prescriptions and advice? If not, MAKE THOSE CHANGES NOW!