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Clinic Policies

Reservation & Appointments

  • All clients must have an appointment (booked through our website) prior to arriving at AsiaPaws; we do not allow walk-ins in any capacity.

  • Any new pet must book a first visit, regardless if you, as an owner, have been to Asia Paws before.


  • Cancellations 12 hours before your scheduled follow-up session are allowed through the “My Appointments” panel; any later cancellations may lead to your session being forfeited.

  • Change or cancel your First Visit appointment at your discretion, until 24 hours before your appointment time.
  • A full refund for timely cancelled First Visit is made to payee’s account directly through PayPal refund service, only.
    Note, admin has no access to your credit card / account details.
  • Cancelation of your First Visit within 24 hours of your appointment can result in losing your payment.
  • Clinic admin cannot be held responsible for your appointment details, to cancel or change your appointment date and time.
  • Refunds: full refund to payee’s account (through PayPal refund) within 3 business days.


  • Rescheduling is done through the “My Appointments” panel – at least 12 hours before your scheduled follow-up session.  Rescheduling requests that reach us later than 12 hours before a follow-up appointment can’t be accommodated as the booking system has locked in a booking by then.

  • Change your First Visit appointment at your discretion, until 24 hours before your appointment time.


Full refunds will be provided in 4 cases: Your pet passed away

  1. before the first visit.

  2. before the first package acupuncture session

  3. before a single acupuncture appointment.

The remaining package treatments (exclusively 5-treatment acupuncture package and family package) are fully transferable to another pet for follow-up acupuncture treatments of pets who’ve had their First Visit.

Alternatively, two follow-up acupuncture treatments can be converted into a coupon code for a First Visit booking.

In any other situation, your remaining sessions will be converted into credit (minus a 20% administration fee) to purchase supplements, homeopathic remedies, and/or Dr.Susanna’s own pet food brand FeedLOVE.


  • A 10-minute grace period will be allowed for a 30-minute follow-up acupuncture treatment before being forfeited.

  • A 30-minute grace period will be allowed for a First Visit before being forfeited.

Validity of Packages

  • For 15 Treatment packages, the validity is fixed at twenty (20) weeks through the booking system (starting by package purchase date). The extension for this package is possible, given that we are informed before the expiration date.

  • For 5 Treatment packages, the validity is fixed at ten (10) weeks through the booking system (starting by package purchase date)


Refund or Change of Packages

If the package has not yet been used, management can fully refund it. The client can then purchase another package.

There is no refund for packages that have been used already (to book session/s).

The refund also applies to patients who died before their first follow-up visit (and, of course, if they passed on before their First Visit).

The client can “sell” the remaining sessions to anyone whose pet had their First Visit already with me. But *we do not get involved in this transaction*

If the client chooses a monetary “refund”, this is how it works:

  1. Deduct already consumed/booked sessions from the package.
  2. minus 20% admin fee
  3. *remaining value is valid for goods*
    1. from our clinic (remedies & supplements) or
    2. FeedLOVE meals


First Visit for family pet “taking over” left Follow Up Treatment Package sessions

If your late pet, who crossed the rainbow bridge (has passed on), left follow up package sessions, AsiaPaws provides a free First Visit for your “taking over the package” pet, in honor of your late pet!

Simply book a First Visit for the pet who will be taking over the your late family pet’s package, and get a full refund of your payment for this First Visit, within 3 business days.