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After your conventional veterinary practice “saved your pet’s life” it’s time to help the body heal fully!

Fresh injuries like Pelvic Fractures, inoperable Spine Injuries, “no hope car accident victims without control of Bladder and Bowel Movement should get ACUPUNCTURE & Homeopathy treatment ASAP!!

The sooner your pet starts on the right acupuncture, hoemopathy and home care approach, the better the chances for recovery!

Don’t be cruel and waste time on therapies that just move your pets limbs around if there are no feelings in the legs and if your pet is in excrutiating pain.

First we must get your pet ready to respond to physical movment. You can be sure we will given you the best advise when which approach works best.

The most important goal is to stimulate nerve repair and nerve cell regeneration and reboot conscious movement and reflexes and last, but not least (!), relief pain and stimulate healing!