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About Us

“Only a System in Which Every Part Flourishes is Holistic”

At AsiaPaws you find veterinary alternatives for better life quality

for cats, dogs, guinea pigs & rabbits. Health improvements can & should be a pleasant experience for pets and their humans.

We “Help Without Harm” (The Buddha).

This includes taking care of our environment, too!

Meet Our Pawesome Team

We're an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Philadelphia with a passion for creating innovative architecture. We work with businesses and people to create a more beautiful world.

Dr. Susanna Santhiram Hofherr

Founder & Veterinarian

Pamela Fong

Public Relations Manager


Veterinarian's Assistant & Small Exotics Specialist

Shankar R. Santhiram

The Boss

Kim Suan

Veterinarian's Assistant & Office Manager



Office & System Admin


FeedLOVE Head Chef



FeedLOVE Sous Chef

My Rottweiler Mick was having joint problem and he would lying down all day due to the pain. When I send him to Dr Susanna, the first acupuncture treatment was instantly help. He get up and walk more often and looks happier.

Khim Sin

Asiapaws is the love light peace and faith which brings hope and sunshine into our lives. The relationship we forge and the trust we create inspire confidence in both Bobby and his parents to heal naturally and holistically.

Hui Fang

I am so happy to know Asia Paws for so many years. Dr. Susanna is the best vet I have ever meet. Especially because she treats animals with natural remedies

Katharina Bachman

Dr Susanna made me realise the importance of understanding my furkid’s health from another perspective, holistically. From her daily meals and nutrients needed, the environment that she lives in, to the difference between holistic treatment compare to conventional vet treatments.