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Homeopathy is energy based medicine, based on quantum physics. Did you know that Ghandi made homepathy into India’s “state medicine”?

The “no-smell” and slightly sweet tasting homeopathic globuli (small pellets) work best if they are resonating with the body to “balance out” diseases, pain and toxin –triggered organ problems.

We use Homeopathic Remedies against pain for arthritis and after surgeries for a speedy “all natural” recovery.

Rhus toxicodendron, Ledum and Ruta work for hip displasia patients, patella luxations and heal torn ligaments and muscle sprains.

Homeopathy like Apis Mellifica and Hepar Sulfuris can effectively treat swellings, abscesses and other skin problems.

Even behaviour issues and other emotionally triggered problems may be solved with the right Homeopathic Remedy.

Boosting life quality for our geriatric (old-age) patients we have our little “gems that make life pawesome again” – even for pets with a compromised cardiovascular (heart) condition!

Homeopathy is compatible with “western” (drug) medicines but is also a brilliant solution for patients that can’t or won’t take conventional medicines (think strays or aggressive patients)