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We are what we eat” or “you are what you feed”…

Food can be our best tool to a healthy, enjoyable life.

And food can be that “slow poison” which makes us sick and unwell.

Dr Susanna has a wealth of practical experience in food therapy – from her multiple own pets (notably her dog Penny, one of the most “sensitive souls” aka food allergy victims) to a myriad of patients whose nutritional needs, responses, quirks and feedback provided and provides the most valuable learning tool any vet could wish for.

We focus on delivering to the body what is necessary to maintaine and to re-build for the best quality of life.

Good nutrition must also taste good, must be easy to prepare and provide a variety of fresh and natural ingredients.

“Good food” is the foundation on the road of recovery and no one knows that better than Dr.Susanna! And that’s why she and her team formulized and produce the highest quality, best tasking pet food on the market, FeedLOVE (