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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What if I don’t receive a booking confirmation?

    It’s really important that you check the automated booking confirmation email!

    The automated confirmation email is your guarantee for having secured your appointment. If you can’t find this email in your inbox, check your spam folder. Still unable to find the confirmation for your booking? Contact us at 018.2734110 by message or email to Expect help from admin during business hours ONLY Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm, except Public Holidays. Thank you.

  • What if I need to cancel my appointment?

    For cancellations, we require a minimum of 12 hours’ notice. To cancel your appointment, kindly log in to your appointment panel and make the changes as needed. You may refer to our guide on booking cancellation.

    Cancellations at shorter notice will be charged in full due to your appointment being locked into the system. Thank you for taking note!

  • What if I need to change my appointment slot?

    For rescheduling, we require a minimum of 12 hours’ notice. To reschedule your appointment, kindly log in to your appointment panel and make the necessary changes. You may refer to our guide on booking rescheduling.

    Failing to make the rescheduling in time will result in losing this (1) treatment due to the appointment being locked into the system. Thank you for taking note!

  • What if I am late for my appointment?

    All First Visit appointments have a 30 minutes grace period, Follow Up appointments have a 10 minute grace period to allow for traffic and other difficulties.

    If you anticipate that you will be later than that, please inform us by message (WhatsApp, SMS) to 018.2734110. We either may have to shorten your pet’s booked treatment or, if that’s not possible, we will try our best to find an alternative slot as close as possible to your booked time that allows completing your appointment in full on this day. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for a suitable alternative available appointment slot. Thank you for taking note!

  • Can I get a refund if I do not make it for my appointment?

    Missed appointments without prior notice are charged in full, due to the appointment being locked into the system.

    To cancel or reschedule your appointment, kindly log in to your appointment panel and make the changes as needed at least 12 hours in advance. You may refer to our guide on booking cancellation and rescheduling. Please note that admin ONLY attends to your email and/or message during business hours Monday – Friday 10 am – 5pm except Public Holidays. 

    As an illustration, if your appointment is on Monday, admin must receive your cancellation email or message on the Friday the week before, at or before 5pm. 

    You must provide a 12 hours notice to avoid any charge for cancellation/change of appointment. The timely cancelled appointment will be available for you to re-book at a later, suitable date. Thank you

  • Clinic Visits

  • Where do I park?

    We provide two parking spaces outside our consultancy, along the road between Lengkok Zaaba 56 (neighbour) and 54 (our gate). If necessary, further down the road are parking spaces on greens at corner lots. Please do NOT park in front of any gate (including ours) !

  • Which shop lot is AsiaPaws?

    AsiaPaws holistic consultancy practice in KL is NOT located in a shoplot. It is a separate part of a bungalow house.

    AsiaPaws Holistic Veterinary Care in Penang is located in the Straits Quay Mall, from November 2022 onwards.

  • Do you provide routine veterinary care like vaccinations, blood tests or surgeries?

    As a specialised holistic / naturopathic veterinary care facility we DO NOT provide “conventional” veterinary services such as surgeries, vaccinations, prescriptions of pharmaceutical drugs,  X-rays, Ultrasound and blood laboratories.

  • Do you make house calls?

    Unfortunately, Dr Susanna can NOT provide house call services at this time. If you’re having trouble transporting your pet, we can recommend a reliable Pet Taxi service.

  • When did you start Asia Paws in Malaysia?

    Asia Paws has been established as a provider for natural veterinary medical methods with focus on IVAS (internationally) certified acupuncture treatments in 2008.

    This is the first and only specialised holistic naturopathic veterinary practice in Southeast Asia, focusing solely on natural Western (homeopathy, herbal) and Traditional Chinese medicine with acupuncture and herbal medicines for pets.

  • Are there any additional charges?

    Aside from any prescribed (and thoroughly explained and discussed) natural remedies, there are NO additional (or “hidden”) CHARGES. Your appointments are prepaid (consultation/treatment).

  • General Questions

  • Western Herbal Remedies - are they really good for my pet?

    As Dr Susanna readily explains – our Western medicinal herbal preparations are tried and tested over millenia. But it takes skill and knowledge to choose the right herb for each patient’s benefit!

    We cherish the goodness of nature and our knowledge about it which has evolved over time!

    Our herbal supplements treat the cause of dysfunction and imbalance by addressing a disease holistically.

    And, they ususally taste ok! So, no stress, no fight and no desperation when giving our Western Herbal Remedies

  • Chinese Herbal formulas - are they safe for my pet?

    The answer to this is: It depends! – On how diligent your practitioner is in choosing and storing and distributing those potions.

    We use only certified TCM formulas that have been tested and approved by Veterinary bodies in Australia and the US and Canada.

    TCM and also TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) restore energy balance to the complementing Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, Wind and Damp which all manifest in diseases that affect body and mind.

    Be sure to administer, as prescribed our human-grade, safe and toxin-free Chinese herbal formulas to boost your pet’s reset of great “Qi” and great life and healing energy!

  • Dietary Therapies - can you advise what my pet should eat?

    We are what we eat” or “you are what you feed”…

    Food can be our best tool to a healthy, enjoyable life.

    And food can be that “slow poison” which makes us sick and unwell.

    Dr Susanna has a wealth of practical experience in food therapy – from her multiple own pets (notably her dog Penny, one of the most “sensitive souls” aka food allergy victims) to a myriad of patients whose nutritional needs, responses, quirks and feedback provided and provides the most valuable learning tool any vet could wish for.

    We focus on delivering to the body what is necessary to maintaine and to re-build for the best quality of life.

    Good nutrition must also taste good, must be easy to prepare and provide a variety of fresh and natural ingredients.

    “Good food” is the foundation on the road of recovery and no one knows that better than Dr.Susanna! And that’s why she and her team formulized and produce the highest quality, best tasking pet food on the market, FeedLOVE (

  • Nutritional Supplements - The Specialty Tools for the body

    Nutritional Supplements need to be selected carefully and the prescription must fulfill very “specific needs” to enable the body to repaire tissues and cells and organ functions.

    That’s why only a tailored, unique approach to each patient will work and be safe for your pet!

    Did you know that they should be used only for a specific duration? Therapeutic nutritional supplements contain pure plant extracts and a minimum of chemicals, not the other way around.

    At AsiaPaws we select for you products based on quality, not on “fluff” marketing. When in doubt, speak with Dr Susanna.

  • Homeopathic Remedies - what is that, actually??

    Homeopathy is energy based medicine, based on quantum physics. Did you know that Ghandi made homepathy into India’s “state medicine”?

    The “no-smell” and slightly sweet tasting homeopathic globuli (small pellets) work best if they are resonating with the body to “balance out” diseases, pain and toxin –triggered organ problems.

    We use Homeopathic Remedies against pain for arthritis and after surgeries for a speedy “all natural” recovery.

    Rhus toxicodendron, Ledum and Ruta work for hip displasia patients, patella luxations and heal torn ligaments and muscle sprains.

    Homeopathy like Apis Mellifica and Hepar Sulfuris can effectively treat swellings, abscesses and other skin problems.

    Even behaviour issues and other emotionally triggered problems may be solved with the right Homeopathic Remedy.

    Boosting life quality for our geriatric (old-age) patients we have our little “gems that make life pawesome again” – even for pets with a compromised cardiovascular (heart) condition!

    Homeopathy is compatible with “western” (drug) medicines but is also a brilliant solution for patients that can’t or won’t take conventional medicines (think strays or aggressive patients)

  • Bachflower Remedies for Emotional Healing

    “Ongoing stressful emotions negatively influence life & healing!”

    Who wouldn’t agree to that?!

    Instead of adding more problems by forcing medicines into pets and onto people, we have Bach Flower Remedies coming to the rescue!

    100% natural, water based, no-odor, no-taste, extracted from plants, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-sedative!

    We use appropriate Bachflower Essences to tailor your pet’s Bach Flower Treatment Solution helping not only dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hedgehogs and wild life like musangs and elephants – but also pet parents who need help to cope better with potentially triggering situations like:

    mingling with other pets,

    new home / relocating,

    loss of companion (human or pet),

    fear of thunder storms,

    difficulties travelling

    and much more!

  • What do you recommend if my pet can't move ?

    Sudden pain or problems to move, stand or lay down, just started the last few days

    Treatment Advice: book a Palliative Care Package after your First Visit!

    Start Acupuncture & Homeopathy & Chinese herbs (for pulse quality) IMMEDIATELY every 2 to 3 days for nerve regeration & pain relief.

    Chronic spine & bone problems (DJD, Hip Dysplasia, IVDD) – recurring or progressing weakness, imbalance & immobility

    Treatment Advice: Take the 5 Acupuncture Treatment Package after your First Visit and book, on average, one weekly acupuncture session.

    Within 8 weeks expect a marked improvement in your pet’s life quality. If you don’t see that, ask yourself – did you follow through with Dr Susanna’s prescriptions and advice? If not, MAKE THOSE CHANGES NOW!

  • My pet was hit by a car, fell from the balcony, squeezed into the gate...

    After your conventional veterinary practice “saved your pet’s life” it’s time to help the body heal fully!

    Fresh injuries like Pelvic Fractures, inoperable Spine Injuries, “no hope car accident victims without control of Bladder and Bowel Movement should get ACUPUNCTURE & Homeopathy treatment ASAP!!

    The sooner your pet starts on the right acupuncture, hoemopathy and home care approach, the better the chances for recovery!

    Don’t be cruel and waste time on therapies that just move your pets limbs around if there are no feelings in the legs and if your pet is in excrutiating pain.

    First we must get your pet ready to respond to physical movment. You can be sure we will given you the best advise when which approach works best.

    The most important goal is to stimulate nerve repair and nerve cell regeneration and reboot conscious movement and reflexes and last, but not least (!), relief pain and stimulate healing!

  • Help - my pet has horrible skin! What can holistic treatments do for dermatitis?

    Acute “skin issues” are Ear infections (Otitis), Abscesses, Wounds & other sudden skin diseases involving redness, pain, oozing (inflammation = dermatitis) and “broken skin”

    Did you know we have a real outstanding quality and totally safe “natural antibiotic” for internal (oral) and topical (on the skin, ear etc) use?

    Homeopathic Remedies are a god send for many skin problems while Acupuncture provides the soothing input to calm down inflammation, and to reduce triggers by detoxing the body.

    Itchy conditions (Pruritus) may improve with selected Western Herbal Remedies.

    Chronic Skin problems like Acral Lick Granuloma, Recurring Otitis, Pododermatitis, Perianal Fistulas, recurring Hot Spots, Chronic Dermatitis with skin colour and texture change (lichenification), and also chronic eye conditions due to Keratoconjunctivitis (KCS), as well as recurring Rhinitis & Sinusitis – respond to

    Life style adjustments as they are often the result of un-addressed toxin build-up,

    Western Herbal remedies providing relief and anti-inflammatory effects without the unwanted side effects of drugs.

    Chinese Herbal formulas that “reset” the body and balance out Heat, Wind, Deficiencies and Damp related conditions.

  • Help! My Pet is so "picky"! My cat has asthma and medicines don't work! We had so many times UTIs this year - can you help, please?

    Acute = “Painful Tummy” Pancreatitis, Cystitis, Acute Kidney Disease, Bronchitis, Cardiac problems

    Treatment Advice: Start with the recommended Homeopathic Remedies right away and diligently give your pet Dr Susanna’s selected human-grade supplements to “work their miracles” right away!

    Acupuncture once to twice weekly – depending on the severity of your pet’s condition and other conventional therapies. AVOID STRESS!

    The 5 Acupuncture Treatment Package or a Palliative Care Package may be best option.

    Chronic and recurring conditions like CRF (chronic renal failure), FUS (feline urologic syndrome), FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease), Asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Interstitial Cystitis (painful bladder syndrome)

    Treatment Advice: Listen carefully to Dr Susanna’s guidance during your First Visit – it’s your basis to make life-style adjustments to remove or minimize your pet’s problem-triggers!

    Book your 5 Acupuncture Treatment Package to help your pet detox, feel better than ever and speed up recovery.

    Administer the prescribed supplements, herbal medicines and homeopathic remedies diligently! They are your pet’s “special tools” for recovering, healing and building new healthier tissue.

  • If worst comes to worst... Your pet is diagnosed (or suspected) to have Cancer... What now?

    It’s all about Quality Of Life, or is it?

    Acupuncture stimulates appetite, elimination (detoxing), sleep quality, happiness (endorphines)

    Herbal – Western and/or Chinese formulas – remedies support kidney and liver function, and help to reduce pain (together with various drug-based medicines from your conventional vet).

    Cancer – appropriate nutrition and specific nutritional supplements boost and balance the immune system – because we won’t give up without a good fight!!

  • Can Acupuncture treat Seizures?

    That’s a good question – and the answer is – usually it is most helplful to approach a solution in a truly holistic way – rather than relying on acupuncture alone.

    Many, although not all, epilepsy patients may improve significantly after their pawrents implements life style changes that address nutrition, avoiding “possible triggers” like carbohydrates, or chemicals and removing environmental toxins and non-essential drugs and supplements suspected to cause seizures.

    Acupuncture acts as a detoxing treatment.

    Dr Susanna has had good results with Chinese Herbal formulas. Sometimes a homeopathic remedy make a positive difference.

    Epilepsy is a condition that needs “digging deep” to hopefully get to the root cause/s to resolve.