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Although ACUPUNCTURE is our focal treatment, we don’t simply stop there.

Although ACUPUNCTURE is our focal treatment, we don’t simply stop there.

Our services are always recommended based on our experience to achieve the best possible health and life quality for your pet.

As we have your pet's best interest in mind, you can be assured that we also point you towards other veterinary health care providers for their specialized help, if necessary and for the best outcome for your pet.

Obviously, not every pet lover is familiar with all veterinary naturopathic treatments. That’s why we, as professionals, will advise, educate and offer additional ways to achieve best life quality, starting at your First Visit with us.

Your pet’s life quality in Malaysia deserves nothing less than international standards in holistic veterinary care.


Veterinary University of Vienna, Austria (Dr Vet Med)


Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia

Member of

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London (MRCVS)


College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT)


Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia

I practised “conventional” veterinary medicine since graduating from The University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna in 1994, interspersed by a 2 year stint the pharmaceutical industry in Germany. 2008 my sojourn into holistic, natural veterinary healing alternatives began.

I grew up in the Austrian Alps but live by choice and marriage in Malaysia, calling it my home for 16 years now.

Together with my husband Shankar R. Santhiram, we have a family of 22 furkids – Penny & Fringe (our 2 senior dogs), 8 members of the “Popcorn Guinea Pig Clan” and 11 cats (all rescues)

​My vision? Make our planet a kinder happier place without toxic footprints.

My Rottweiler Mick was having joint problem and he would lying down all day due to the pain. When I send him to Dr Susanna, the first acupuncture treatment was instantly help. He get up and walk more often and looks happier.

Khim Sin

Asiapaws is the love light peace and faith which brings hope and sunshine into our lives. The relationship we forge and the trust we create inspire confidence in both Bobby and his parents to heal naturally and holistically.

Hui Fang

I am so happy to know Asia Paws for so many years. Dr. Susanna is the best vet I have ever meet. Especially because she treats animals with natural remedies

Katharina Bachman

Dr Susanna made me realise the importance of understanding my furkid’s health from another perspective, holistically. From her daily meals and nutrients needed, the environment that she lives in, to the difference between holistic treatment compare to conventional vet treatments.


Book a consultation session for your furkids

First Visit Consultation

60-minute session
RM430 - 450

This consultation is more comprehensive than any consultation/visit you possible ever had with a veterinarian.

“Holistic” healing is based on thoroughly understanding your pet and his/her problems.

Like a puzzle picture, every piece of information completes the “bigger picture” and allows us to tailor a treatment plan to eliminate or minimize triggers for disease.

A good holistic vet will tailor their approach to meet a patient’s unique needs.

Online Consultation

60-minute session

An online consultation (WhatsApp video or Zoom) is as extensive and detailed as a “in praxis” appointment.

To get “the bigger picture” it is crucial that you provide TEST RESULTS & VIDEO & PHOTO evidence to your furkids problem so that Dr Susanna can prepare.

Please note that this information needs to be given to Dr Susanna at least 24 hours before your scheduled online appointment.

Follow-up sessions

Both First Visits are mandatory before a “follow up” treatment can be booked​

Single Acupuncture Treatment

30-minute session

“WellCare”: a treatment begins with a Western & TCM medical evaluation of the pet, followed by acupuncture treatment, and maybe a prescription of a natural remedy (prescriptions are charged separately) and concludes with advice on lifestyle, emotional wellbeing and dietary advice.

5 Acupuncture Treatment Package “Gold Standard”

30-minute session

Valid for 10 weeks from the first package appointment date

Each of the 5 treatments includes “WellCare

15 Acupuncture Pet Family Package

30-minute session

Valid for 20 weeks (= 5 months) from first package appointment date

Code can be shared to book any pet with a First Visit with Dr. Susanna before
Each treatment includes “WellCare” – see above.

Frequently asked questions

Western Herbal Remedies - are they really good for my pet?

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Chinese Herbal formulas - are they safe for my pet?

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Dietary Therapies - can you advise what my pet should eat?

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Nutritional Supplements - The Specialty Tools for the body

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Homeopathic Remedies - what is that, actually??

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